Daniella Chavez admits having an affair with the Cristiano Ronaldo

The model brought down her tweet later however she admitted to have a past illicit relationship with the Portuguese star.

Before we start, this undertaking Daniella Chavez claims she had with Cristiano Ronaldo was before the Portuguese star even met Georgina Rodriguez. The mother of his youngsters. Back in 2015, English newspaper The Sun made a meeting where the model admitted this interestingly however she never uncovered she had video that demonstrates it. Such a lot of provocation must’ve gotten her weary of savages and she chose to tell the truth about what occurred. For reasons unknown, Chavez implies Cristiano was really faithless to very display Iryna Shayk. In her articulation, Chavez additionally suggests Messi has been faithless to his better half with different models.

She attempts to take significance from the reality Ronaldo was untrustworthy yet she makes a terrible display with it. Chavez goes much further by guaranteeing in sunsequent tweet reactions that she has verification of her cases. At a specific second, she even says she has video os the experience however she won’t deliver it to regard Cristiano Ronaldo’s security. Yet, assuming she needed, Daniella Chavez would set the web burning assuming that she delivered that supposed x-evaluated video. No reaction from Cristiano Ronaldo has occurred and it’s impossible he will respond to this in any capacity.

Daniella Chavez’s x-appraised Ronaldo video

This is Daniella Chavez’s message on her Twitter record and, surprisingly, labeled Ronaldo: “On the off chance that somebody engages in sexual relations with a not your individual accomplice but rather a free-disapproved of individual without any clarifications, is that viewed as cheating? Provided that this is true, were Cristiano and I faithless? It was just sex. Free sex additionally exists. I generally denied it and made up stories to keep away from it. In any case, I can’t conceal it any longer. Don’t bother adding anything that isn’t correct, I know different ladies who dated an exceptionally renowned Argentina No. 10 too. I even have a video to demonstrate it however I can’t transfer it since it’s his protection and we are totally exposed.”

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